Our History – A commitment to Quality Care for Seniors

Quality Care by Anytime Anywhere Senior Care

The need for home care is one of the fastest growing facets of the health care industry. Unfortunately, like many other fast growing industries fast growth results in excess overhead, excessive costs, and eventually impersonal service sacrificing quality care. In short the client becomes simply a number on a chart.

Ensuring the best Quality Care for our clients - Anytime Anywhere Senior CareAnytime-Anywhere was founded to fight the fast growth trends and impersonal treatment provided by so many companies. Our Founder, insists on putting compassion and caring as a #1 priority which includes not only quality care in the home but a business approach to control costs and maintain reasonable rates. Additionally, caregivers are required to refresh their training regularly to assure that they stay abreast of the latest techniques available. It is this approach that we believe is the key to developing a relationship which provides the best possible quality of life for our clients.

A Message from the founder

My career in this industry started some ten years ago. I started as a caregiver not knowing this would be a life changing experience. Turns out I found myself and my passion. Quite simply, I was swept off my feet by the smiles, hugs, and love I received for even the simplest things I did for my clients. I was on my way to a very rewarding career. During the last ten years I became a Certified Medical Assistant, Medication Technician, RCFE Administrative Assistant, CCA-Companion Care Aide, Payroll Specialist and HR Generalist. Along the way I held positions such as Staffing/Care Coordinator and Director of Marketing for an In-Home Care Agency.

Along, with my success however, came disappointments. Slowly, I watched as this fast growing industry moved from the personal care I had grown to love. Frustration set in so much that I vowed to make a difference some day by founding a company based on quality care, promising myself to stay open minded to the many challenges seniors and their loved ones face during the aging process.

I am passionate about what we are providing. I want us to work together to develop a quality care plan that will benefit both you, your family, and the loved one for which you are seeking home assistance.

Anytime-Anywhere Senior Care may not be the biggest company, but I’ll guarantee that Anytime-Anywhere has the BIGGEST HEART!